Practice CW (Morse Code) on your mobile or tablet device using the straight or iambic key simulator of CW Studio. Ideal for Ham Radio and people interested in amateur radio or morse code. Use for training or just for fun with friends.

Learn or fun

With CW Studio you can learn or just have fun with morse code. Use the straight key or iambic paddle simulators for training in your phone without no additional equipment required. The keys was designed with realistic details, bringing a great use experience. Also, you can handle and listen with the tone and speed that you prefer and use features like the morse decoder and customizable reception traning.

An app for

CW Studio was developed for all those who are interested in Morse code, ham radio or not, who want to have fun or learn more about it. Our team has done its best to develop a practical and easy to use application, with careful details so that you have a great user experience.

We want to encourage amateur radio and interest in the Morse code. Try our app and if you like, tell your friends. In this way, we will be able to keep it always with news and improvements. In its first version, we had users from various parts of the world, now we are launching a completely remodeled version with several free features.

CW Studio will be available soon! Please pre-register in Google Play to get notified in its official launch.
If you have any suggestion please send us a message.

All the best features


You can train with straight key and iambic paddle with our simulator.


Listen to letters, numbers and other characteres and view your score.


Use the morse decoder to listen and decode morse code in the mic.


Play any text in morse code and share with your friends.


View letters, numbers and special characters in ITU-R standard.


Customize your trainings with the chars, speed and tone that you prefer.